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From internationally bestselling thriller author Jon Osborne (Der Spiegel, Official UK Top 50) comes two chilling tales of revenge and murder.

This two-pack box set includes: THREE TIMES A LADY and SKIN: THE WHITE POWER MURDERS, both full-length novels.

Sometimes we all have somebody else living inside us…

Blood-red lipstick?
Six-inch stilettos and a slinky black dress that goes with every occasion?
A freshly sharpened knife, fully loaded handgun and an overwhelming desire to rid the world of all the phonies out there?

Check, check and check.

The Censor is a bloodthirsty killer who has identity issues that run more than just skin deep – though that certainly plays a part in it, too. And now he’s on a mission. Raised since birth to seek the limelight, he believes that fame should come at a cost – especially what he considers undeserved fame.

Striking during hurricanes, blizzards and other natural disasters – when law-enforcement resources are already stretched to the point of snapping – he considers his targets’ lives as reality-TV stars, jet-setting heiresses and talentless pop singers to be an affront to what true fame should mean.

By drawing on Special Agent Dana Whitestone’s celebrity as the most talked-about FBI agent in recent memory, this murderous modern-day Holden Caulfield won’t rest until all the phonies are eliminated and his own name is up in lights.

Bigger and brighter than all the rest, of course.

A sadistic white-power group known as “The Brotherhood” is doing the unthinkable to young, successful black women in the primes of their lives. Headed by a charismatic leader known as “the Race Master,” the organization will go to any lengths to ensure that its stomach-turning brand of genocide receives the brightest possible global spotlight.

When Cleveland-based P.I. Angel Monroe’s investigation meets with that of FBI Special Agent Dana Whitestone, the two women must join forces to put a stop to the Brotherhood’s heartless actions before it’s too late — before Adolf Hitler’s diabolical master plan becomes a horrible, 21st-century reality.


“Terrifying, suspenseful and genuinely original, Kill Me Once will chill you to the bone.”—Karin Slaughter, NYT bestselling author of Broken.

“I felt like I was being chased by an axe-murderer. If you like a hard edge that glitters and drips, you’ll enjoy Mr. Osborne’s first foray.” — Cody Mcfadyen, NYT bestselling author of the “Smoky Barrett” series.

“The plot is pretty complicated and one that probably won’t be solved by guesswork by the reader. However, it is still very well written and Osborne seems very comfortable in his writing style and writes like a seasoned professional.”

Once Upon a Thriller (Nancy Drew Diaries #4)

Nancy and her friends need more than book smarts to get to the bottom of a literary mystery in this fourth book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a new take on the classic series.A rash of crimes in a neighboring town—a blazing fire at a bookstore, a boat that sinks in the harbor, and a valuable dog’s dognapping—are eerily similar to the plots from famous mystery writer Lacey O’Brien’s popular books. So who’s behind the crimes? Could it be Lacey looking for publicity? One of Lacey’s superfans? Or maybe it’s Paige Samuels, owner of the bookstore that burned. Nancy, Bess, and George will have to read between the lines as they dig deep into a dangerous mystery.