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Home-Based Business for Dummies 2nd Edition

Thanks to the Internet, home-based businesses are booming. With a home computer and a good idea, you can market and sell almost anything in the world just from home. Whether you’re selling homemade jams or working as a business consultant, today’s entrepreneur doesn’t even have to leave home.
Home-Based Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition will help you make your endeavor profitable and successful! Ideal for future entrepreneurs who have the urge and want the know-how, this updated guide includes new information on home business scams and how to avoid them, shows how to create an efficient, comfortable (but not too comfortable) work environment, explains how to put new technologies to work for you, and much more. There’s even a 10-question quiz to help you determine if you’re ready.

You’ll learn all the basics, including:

Selecting the right kind of business for you
Setting up a home office
Managing money, credit, and financing
Marketing almost anything in the world
Avoiding distractions at home

Home-Based Business For Dummies, 2nd Edition was written by Paul and Sarah Edwards, award-winning authors who write a monthly column for Entrepreneur magazine, and Peter Economy, an author or coauthor For Dummies books on managing, consulting, and personal finance. In straightforward English, they show you how to:

Stay connected to the business community, even when working from home
Keep your work separate from your personal life
Handle benefits, health insurance, and your retirement planning
Make sure your bookkeeping is accurate and legal
Use the Internet to bid for work, list your services in directories, network, and more
Choose the technology and other resources you need
Develop your own marketing and advertising strategies
Navigate IRS rules for home-based businesses

Home-Based Business For Dummies is packed with ideas and information that will help you get started right and help established, successful home-based business owners stay ahead of the pack. Use it well and this handy guide will be the most important reference in your home office.

Google Earth For Dummies

Explore the world from your computer!

– This interesting guide covers all aspects of Google Earth, the freely downloadable application from Google that allows users to view satellite images from all points of the globe
– Aimed at a diverse audience, including casual users who enjoy air shots of locales as well as geographers, real estate professionals, and GPS developers
– Includes valuable tips on various customizations that users can add, advice on setting up scavenger hunts, and guidance on using Google Earth to benefit a business
– Explains modifying general options, managing the layer and placemark systems, and tackling some of the more technical aspects, such as interfacing with GPS
– There are more than 400,000 registered users of Google Earth and the number is still growing

Home Networking for Dummies 4th Edition

Having a network in your home increases work efficiency and minimizes confusion. If you want to set up a network in your home but you’re not quite sure where to start, then Home Networking for Dummies makes it easy for you to become your household’s network administrator. Now fully updated with information on the newest technology in networking available, this quick and to-the-point walkthrough will show you how to install Web connections in your entire home, whether by wires, cables, or WiFi. This resourceful guide illustrates:
– Planning and installing your network
– The differences between Ethernet cable, phone lines, and wireless technology
– Configuring computer sharing
– Setting up and managing users
– Installing, managing, and troubleshooting the network printer
– Understanding UNC format, mapping drives, and traveling on the network
– Working with remote files
– Securing your network from viruses, spyware, and other baddies

Along with the basics, this book introduces fun ways to use your network, including sharing music, keeping shopping lists, creating photo albums, setting up a family budget, and instant messaging. It also provides ways to keep your network safe for kids, such as talking to your child about the Internet, creating site filters, and ISP E-mail filtering features. With this trusty guide your home will be fully connected and you’ll be working more efficiently in no time!