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Radioactive Sago Project – The Radioactive Sago Project

Radioactive Sago Project are a nine-member jazz fusion rock band with spoken word vocals provided by Lourd De Veyra.

Radioactive Sago Project are unique for their caustic and often tongue-in-cheek lyrics recited against a backdrop of a vibrant brass section. RSP’s funk, psychedelic, and big band influences are apparent in all their albums.

RSP are also well-known as a musical project fronted by Lourd De Veyra, a poet, activist, award-winning writer, composer, DJ, and TV personality.

Radioactive Sago Project have released four studio albums and continue to perform live.

In 2000, the band released its first single, “Gusto Ko Ng Baboy”, about a young man’s fascination with pigs since his childhood. As the song progresses, it becomes a political tirade against corruption.

Urban Planning For Dummies

How to create the world’s new urban future
With the majority of the world’s population shifting to urban centres, urban planning―the practice of land-use and transportation planning to help shape cities structurally, economically, and socially―has become an increasingly vital profession. In Urban Planning For Dummies, readers will get a practical overview of this fascinating field, including studying community demographics, determining the best uses for land, planning economic and transportation development, and implementing plans. Following an introductory course on urban planning, this book is key reading for any urban planning student or anyone involved in urban development.

With new studies conclusively demonstrating the dramatic impact of urban design on public psychological and physical health, the impact of the urban planner on a community is immense. And with a wide range of positions for urban planners in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors―including law firms, utility companies, and real estate development firms―having a fundamental understanding of urban planning is key to anyone even considering entry into this field. This book provides a useful introduction and lays the groundwork for serious study.

Helps readers understand the essentials of this complex profession
Written by a certified practicing urban planner, with extensive practical and community-outreach experience

For anyone interested in being in the vanguard of building, designing, and shaping tomorrow’s sustainable city, Urban Planning For Dummies offers an informative, entirely accessible introduction on learning how.

Urban Bandits – Independence Day (It’s the Urban Bandits)

The punk rock classic album Independence Day from the Urban Bandits that dropped like a dirty nuke in 1985 is now 35 years old.

Urban Bandits’ vocalist Arnold Morales’ cry of “mga kapitbahay” to open “No Future sa Pader”, the first track on side two, was like a modern day cry of Balintawak. An announcement that punk rock had made a huge splash in the Philippines with its pointed commentary and it was going to stay.

The Urban Sketching Handbook – Working with Color – Techniques for Using Watercolor and Color Media on the Go

Learn to express yourself through color while painting on location with the in-depth tips and techniques of Working with Color, the fifth volume in the Urban Sketching Handbook series.

Expert watercolorist, illustrator, instructor, and co-founder of Urban Sketchers Montreal Shari Blaukopf shares her essential color tips about color-water ratio, achieving bold color, avoiding muddy washes, painting in layers, and using wet-in-wet techniques.

This essential handbook covers:

supplies and materials
sample color palettes
color mixing
using limited palettes
monochrome sketches
the power of complementary colors
using evocative, expressive color

With a focus on using watercolor with greater confidence and knowledge, the book also delves into pencil and ink and watersoluble pencils.