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The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners – Do-It-Yourself Soaps Using All-Natural Herbs, Spices

The essential beginner’s guide to crafting all-natural soaps at home

Start creating your own all-natural, cold-processed soaps today. The Natural Soap Making Book for Beginners takes you through all the basics with easy-to-understand directions so you can get creative with natural, healthy ingredients―and get squeaky clean, too!

Start from scratch with colorants and fragrances that are free of artificial ingredients. You’ll discover how to transform your soap making supplies into basic bars, Castile soap, shampoo bars, salt soaps, milk soaps, and more. There are even nut-free and vegan recipes, ensuring your soaps are perfect for anyone.

This natural choice in soap making books features:

Soap making primer―Learn cold-processed soap making with illustrated, step-by-step tutorials, safety guidelines, and troubleshooting tips.

All-natural ingredients―Discover how easy it is to make luxurious, nourishing soaps with essential oils, clays, and other natural elements.

Over 55 recipes―Create specialty bars including Mulled Wine Soap, Allergy Relief Bar, and other recipes you won’t find in other soap making books.

It’s simple to create soothing soaps with this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

AutoCAD For Dummies 17th Edition

The bestselling AutoCAD book—revised and updated!
It takes some practice to get handy with AutoCAD—and it doesn’t hurt to have a good guide by your side to help get you through the rough spots. Updated to cover AutoCAD releases through the 2017 version, this new edition of AutoCAD For Dummies is an ideal companion when you’re learning the basics of the popular software. Written by a former engineer and AutoCAD teacher, the book walks you through the basics of setting up projects and making simple drawings all the way up to creating 3D models.

Beginning with an overview of the AutoCAD interface, drawing tools, and ways to adjust your view of your work, AutoCAD For Dummies offers easy-to-follow guidance on using straight and curved lines to manage properties, object selection, and creating layouts. Next, it shows you how to use advanced AutoCAD tools, including Blocks, Arrays, Xrefs, and Parametrics. Finally, you’ll find out how to move your work in to the wonderful world of 3D modeling.

Create an AutoCAD project from the ground up
Make and edit basic drawings starting with straight lines and curves
Jump into advanced drawing with 3D modeling
Find quick answers to your AutoCAD questions

It’s true that AutoCAD is tough, but with the friendly instruction in this hands-on guide, you’ll find everything you need to start creating marvelous models—without losing your cool.

Molecular Modeling in Heavy Hydrocarbon Conversions

In the past two decades, new modeling efforts have gradually incorporated more molecular and structural detail in response to environmental and technical interests. Molecular Modeling in Heavy Hydrocarbon Conversions introduces a systematic molecule-based modeling approach with a system of chemical engineering software tools that can automate the entire model building, solution, and optimization process.

Part I shows how chemical engineering principles provide a rigorous framework for the building, solution, and optimization of detailed kinetic models for delivery to process chemists and engineers. Part II presents illustrative examples that apply this approach to the development of kinetic models for complex process chemistries, such as heavy naphtha reforming and gas oil hydroprocessing.

Molecular Modeling in Heavy Hydrocarbon Conversions develops the key tools and best possible approaches that process chemists and engineers can use to focus on the process chemistry and reaction kinetics for performing work that is repetitive or prone to human-error accurately and quickly.

Easy to Build Birdhouses – A Natural Approach Must Know Info to Attract and Keep the Birds You Want

A Nature-Friendly Way to Attract and House Birds
Birdhouses are a favorite project among woodworkers. Made of inexpensive materials, they are quick to build and a pleasure for the whole neighborhood. Easy to Build Birdhouses includes 26 fun projects for woodworkers of all skill levels.

Part 1 talks about construction basics, wood grain, doors and access, proper drainage and ventilation, interiors, materials and hardware, paint and stain, and house mounting and support methods. It also addresses birdhouse placement and how to attract birds.
Part 2 shows how to make birdhouses using natural materials to help them blend in with their surroundings.
Part 3 shows how to make bird feeders that help attract birds.
Part 4 provides examples of colorful and whimsical birdhouses, like a lighthouse and a Cape Cod bungalow, that are a little more advanced.