Rodel Naval – Rodel’s Legacy… Lives On! (Special Collectors Edition)

In 1989, Rodel returned to the Philippines and released a cassette album titled Finally I Found Love. In early December, his mother died and he immediately flew to Canada. After a month he went to Japan to perform. While having lunch in a restaurant, he heard the song “Single Again” and he fell in love with this song. He got the urged to write the lyrics based on the melody of “Single Again”. Due to loneliness because of his mother’s recent death, he was able to write the lyrics in 15 minutes.

After a brief stint in Japan, he returned to the Philippines in 1991 ready to produce the album that was to become his magnum opus. This was to be called “Lumayo Ka Man” (in English -“Even If You Go Away”), a Tagalog adaptation of the song, “Single Again”, originally released in 1989 by Japanese singer, Mariya Takeuchi. “Lumayo Ka Man” soared triple platinum within two months. In late 1992, he released the album entitled Once Again album with songs performed both in English and Tagalog.

In 1993, Naval became ill and returned to Canada for medical diagnosis. While there, he joined the musical production, Miss Saigon, performing the role of assistant commissar. He became increasingly ill but continued to perform musically, giving two concerts in April 1994, one in Toronto and the other in Los Angeles.

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