Self Reliance Illustrated 04

Kindle Edition, 192 pages
Published September 1st 2011 by Self Reliance Illustrated
Edition Language English

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Letter from the Editors
Going Primitive
Ask Payge
Numyth Vulcan Fire Piston
Primitive Char Cattail: Nature’s CharCloth
14 Days / 3 Seasons / 200+ Miles
What’s in my pack?
The Roof, The Crown of a Shelter
Southern Grind
A New Fix on an Old Knife: The AK-47 Bayonet
Cobra Weave
GSI Billy Pot
Non-Seasonal Edibles
Hasty Assessments for Medical Emergencies
Downtime Bushpipe
The Flip Flop Winch
Make Your Own Bug Out Bag
Mother Nature’s Little Lessons
What Now?
California Kid Meets His Match in a Feisty Squirrel
How I Make a Squirrel Skin Bowstring
The More Your Carry
The Grind: What’s New at Blind Horse Knives

Self Reliance Illustrated 03

Letter from the Editors by L.T. Wright
What’s in my Pack? Part 2, The Next 5 by Dave Canterbury
Why I Went Hammock by Robert Simpson
Firewood Basics by James Kane
Finding Dry Tinder by Zeb Allison
Frontier Pro Water Filter by L.T. Wright
Trauma Kits for the Woods by Tim Stetzer
Non-Seasonal Edibles by Dave Mitch’ Mitchell
Ti-Tri Caldera by Cody Burwell
The CanteenShop GrillTop Stove Stand by Brian Andrews
Canteen Cook Systems by Gert Grohmann
Alcohol Stoves, Cheap and Easy by Joel L. Jessup
The Easy L-7 by Joe Flowers
Scratch and Win by Rev. Joe Classen
Jungle Boots get a Makeover by Barry Bright
Discovering Your Outdoor Space by Craig Cole
Bushcraft on the Go by Marc Hallee
Common Man’s Haversack by Ken Seal III
The On-Person Survival Kit by Mike Lychock
The Bowline by Scott Wickham Jr.
What’s in a book? by Charles “Sgt.” Speakman
Ask Payge by Payge McMahon
How much good can we do? by William Sigler .
The Grind: What’s New at Blind Horse Knives by Scott Wickham Jr.

Self Reliance Illustrated Premier

Letter from the Editors .
The SteriPEN Water Purifier: Partner in Survival by Andy Blanchard
Solar Water Treatment by Tim Stetzer
The Hand Drill by Alan Halcon
Penobscot Bay Axe, a Classic for the Common Man by Steve Davis
A Knife Tip for Beginners by Brian Andrews
Field Sharpening by David Simerly
Mora’s Bushcraft Series by Tim Stetzer
Common Man VS Common Sense by Ken Seal
Gear Review: Exped Bivy-Poncho and Bivy-Poncho Extreme by Matthias Bart
Grub it Up! by Joe Flowers
Wild Edible Plants: The Cattail (Typha) by Robert Considine
Woodsman’s Trauma Kit by Luke Causey
Knots by Scott Wickham Jr.
Hail to the Bail by John D. McCann
The Leather Sheath by Glen Stelzer
The Self Reliant Mindset by Larry Carr
What’s in my Pack by Steve Voss
Survival or Self Reliance? by Dave Canterbury
Ask Payge by Payge McMahon
Self Reliance Begins with Self Honesty by Rev. Joe Classen
The Circle of Life by L.T. Wright
The Wonderful Thing About Chiggers by Shane Hillard
Pathfinder Youth Organization
The Grind – What’s New at Blind Horse Knives

Self Reliance Illustrated 02

Letter from the Editors by Dan Coppins
What’s in my Pack? by Dave Canterbury
Getting Your Family Involved by Craig Caudill
Ask Payge by Payge McMahon
Tips from the “Bowguy” by Jamie Burleigh
The Air Rifle by Joshua Dick
The Semi-Pyramidal Shelter by Matthias Bart
Popular Chemical Water Treatments by Joe Flowers
The Type 87 Canteen by Tim Stetzer
Fire Kit by Steve Voss
The Bamboo Fire Saw by Ken Seal III
Fire by Larry Carr
Snakes on a Vein by Dave Lohmann
Advanced First Aid by Kelly Martin
Basic Land Navigation by Derek Faria
The Realities of Harvesting Wild Plants by Caleb Musgrave
Homemade MRE’s by Gerald Young
Beyond the Ten Essentials by Kevin Estela
Survival in the Cubicle Jungle by Eric McCracken
Making Your Own Oilcloth by Chance Sanders
Trucker’s Hitch by Scott Wickham Jr.
Budget Bush Blades by Tim Stetzer
Bullpac by Brian Mayer
Why? by William Sigler
The Grind: What’s New at Blind Horse Knives by Alicia McQuain

Cursed Hearts

THE LOVE OF TWO souls has transcended time because a gift was given by a bored demon on All Hallows’ Eve. That gift has now turned into a curse. The souls now trapped in the demons’ game have lived many lives and had many names. Their love has brought them together many times, no matter their relationship status or their gender