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Sitti – Cafe Bossa

Café Bossa is the debut album by Filipino bossa nova singer Sitti. It was released on January 25, 2006 by Warner Music Philippines. The album spawned four successful singles—”Tattooed on My Mind”, “Hey Look at the Sun”, “I Didn’t Know I Was Looking for Love” and “Para sa Akin”. The album was certified double platinum by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry on September 17, 2006, denoting over 60,000 units sold in the country

Sitti – Bossa Covers

Sitti, is a Filipino bossa nova singer. After releasing her first album, Café Bossa, in 2006, other bossa nova acts in the Philippines followed.Navarro is also featured in the segment “A.S.A.P. Sessionistas” of the variety show ASAP.

In the first Tokyo-Manila Jazz and Arts Festival, Sitti announced that her record label’s Japanese branch will release one of her albums there, and that the label will decide on its release date.[10] The album, released May 2012 on iTunes and October 2012 in stores, is titled “Bossa Covers”.

Sitti – Singles Bossa Nova Trio

10 years since the release of the double platinum, Café Bossa. But her distinct voice and a full roster of bossa-fied hits have made Sitti a prominent name in the music industry. And this year, she’ll revive the well-loved album, recorded al fresco with Singles Bossa Nova Trio.

The final product came as a surprise after being just a fun, last hurrah to singlehood project for Sitti. Talks with MCA Music produced a one-day, live recording session at a house in Rizal with guitarist Erskine Basilio and percussionist Diego Martinez. No pressure, just good old jamming

Sofia – In Love With Nova Bossa

Sofia is a bossa singer in the Philippines. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Medical Technology. She is now a licensed medical technologist.

Sofia became the featured artist in a bossa-inspired album project of Ivory Records by accident. After graduating, she was on her way to Japan to pursue her research scholarship grant to study hematology when she was asked to help gather research materials for the project, since she was into bossa nova since she was in high school. Aside from helping out for the lyrics, CDs, and other research materials, she was also asked to submit a demo tape so that Ivory Records would know what bossa sounds like. Sofia submitted a demo tape of the song “Desafinado”. The record company was impressed, and then she was tapped to be a session singer. Eventually she was chosen to be the featured artist for the album.

Her album, entitled Bossa Latino Lite, debuted at No.11 at Tower Records’ Top 25 albums chart.

Sofia’s second album was released December 28, 2006, entitled In Love With Nova Bossa.

On April 1, 2007, her debut album Bossa Latino Lite reached the gold mark. The awarding took place on SOP, a noontime television show in the Philippines.