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Skychurch – Urges of the Human Device

Skychurch are a Filipino metal band founded in 1990 when the three Dela Cruz brothers—Rommel, Robert, and Russell—were barely in their teens. Despite long gaps between album and EP releases, Skychurch is one of the more senior bands in the Filipino rock and metal scene.

Drummer Robert Dela Cruz is also a member of the rock band Queso.

Another notable member for much of Skychurch’s run was guitarist Joey Dizon, who has since left the band. Dizon and Russell Dela Cruz were founding members of the now defunct metal band Intolerant. Dizon is also a long-time staff writer and editor-in-chief at Pulp magazine.

Skychurch is often identified with the crossover genre, a nod to their hardcore and punk influences, but as their music progressed over the years Skychurch’s thrash and heavy metal roots have become apparent.

The Dela Cruz brothers were still in college when they released their first self-titled EP in 1996. Later that same year their debut album Urge of the Human Device came out via mainstream label Star Records’s Ear Stab imprint and was one of the few enduring crossover releases in the Philippines in the 1990s. It also marked their transition from Electric Skychurch to simply Skychurch.