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Skychurch – Unaware / Unwarned

Skychurch are a Filipino metal band founded in 1990 when the three Dela Cruz brothers—Rommel, Robert, and Russell—were barely in their teens. Despite long gaps between album and EP releases, Skychurch is one of the more senior bands in the Filipino rock and metal scene.

Drummer Robert Dela Cruz is also a member of the rock band Queso.

Another notable member for much of Skychurch’s run was guitarist Joey Dizon, who has since left the band. Dizon and Russell Dela Cruz were founding members of the now defunct metal band Intolerant. Dizon is also a long-time staff writer and editor-in-chief at Pulp magazine.

Skychurch is often identified with the crossover genre, a nod to their hardcore and punk influences, but as their music progressed over the years Skychurch’s thrash and heavy metal roots have become apparent.

Known for their intense live performances, topical lyrics, and top notch musicianship, Skychurch’s heavy metal inclinations gives them a broader appeal in the underground music community.

Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies 2nd Edition

Learn about the human body from the inside out
Every year, more than 100,000 degrees are completed in biology or biomedical sciences. Anatomy and physiology classes are required for these majors and others such as life sciences and chemistry, and also for students on a pre-med track. These classes also serve as valuable electives because of the importance and relevance of this subject’s content. Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies, 2nd Edition, appeals to students and life-learners alike, as a course supplement or simply as a guide to this intriguing field of science.

With 25 percent new and revised content, including updated examples and references throughout, readers of the new edition will come to understand the meanings of terms in anatomy and physiology, get to know the body’s anatomical structures, and gain insight into how the structures and systems function in sickness and health.

New examples, references, and case studies
Updated information on how systems function in illness and in health
Newest health discovers and insights into how the body works

Written in plain English and packed with dozens of beautiful illustrations, Anatomy & Physiology For Dummies is your guide to a fantastic voyage of the human body.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies

Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK!
Have a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK, but don’t know where to start? Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is your go-to guide to get up and running with this great device in no time! From powering on your device to personalizing it, this easy-to-use resource provides everything you’ll need to know to start using your Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. You’ll start with the basics, download and shop for e-books, browse the Web, watch video, listen to music, create your own e-books, and a whole lot more!

Combine the power a Samsung Android tablet with the Barnes and Noble NOOK apps, and you have access to everything you need! Find out how to adjust the lighting, change font sizes, and customize your device to be the perfect e-reader that fits all your needs.

Get an overview of the Android tablet/e-book hybrid concept, along with a guide to everything your new device can do
Find out how to power up your tablet, use the touchscreen technology, setup wireless access, update your software, download e-books, and more
Watch video from Netflix and Hulu, listen to music, create photo slideshows, and browse the Web
Personalize your NOOK with accessories and applications, share books with others, and interact with your device with the built-in microphone

For those who want to learn the ins and outs of their new multi-use tablet and e-reader, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK For Dummies is the place to start!

PHR SPHR Exam For Dummies With Online Practice Tests

Your ideal, all-inclusive study guide for the PHR and SPHR exams
Adding the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification to your resume immediately places you above less qualified competitors. After studying with PHR/SPHR Exam For Dummies, you will conquer the exam armed with confidence and a solid understanding of the test and its presentation. This book + online product includes 4 unique practice tests: two in the book (one PHR one SPHR) and two additional tests online (one additional PHR one additional SPHR). All practice questions include detailed answers and explanations. As human resources becomes an increasingly popular field, you should snatch every opportunity to give yourself an edge.

Updated to cover the six functional areas included in the three hour, 175 question online exam: Business Management & Strategy, Workforce Planning & Employment, Human Resource Development, Compensation & Benefits, Employee & Labor Relations, and Risk Management
Prepares readers to take an exam that replaces the 60 credit hours of continuing education that is required for recertification every three years

For aspiring students and human resources professionals, this For Dummies text is the ideal guide to acing the PHR/SPHR Exam.

FORCE – Drawing Human Anatomy 1st Edition

Key Features

Detailed visual instruction includes colourful, step-by-step diagrams that allow you to easily follow the construction of an anatomically correct figure.
Clearly organized and color coded per regions of the body’s anatomy, a clarity of design for better reader understanding.
Learn how anatomy is drawn and defined by the function of a pose.
Visit the companion website for drawing demonstrations and further resources on anatomy.