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Server Virtualization for Dummies Oracle Special Edition

Need to virtualize, but not sure where to start? Virtualization should make things simpler, not more complex.

To learn more about how Oracle’s server virtualization solutions can help you eliminate complexity, reduce costs, and respond rapidly to changing needs, download Server Virtualization for Dummies, an Oracle Special Edition eBook.

This eBook guides you through a range of server virtualization topics, including:

Why virtualization is critical to transforming today’s IT to tomorrow’s cloud computing environment
How different types of virtualization are suited to different business needs
How application-driven virtualization dramatically accelerates application deployment
Oracle Virtualization delivers the most complete and integrated solution for building agile, flexible IT infrastructures, beyond just server virtualization consolidation.

Learn how Oracle Virtualization’s unique application driven approach and integrated management offering helps to accelerate enterprise application deployment and simplify management of your data center from disk to apps.

Oracle 11g for Dummies

Are you a seasoned system administrator charged with setting up an Oracle database? Or did you suddenly become a DBA by default? If database administration with Oracle is part of your job, you’ll be glad to have Oracle 11g For Dummies in your cubicle.
This nuts-and-bolts guide walks you through the mysteries of Oracle and database administration.

You’ll learn how to understand Oracle database architecture, set up and manage an Oracle database, and keep it running in tiptop form. Oracle 11g For Dummies covers:

The building blocks behind the database engine as well as Oracle’s physical and logical structures
Hardware, software, system, and storage requirements for implementation
How to recognize and accommodate the differences between Oracle installations on Windows and on Linux/UNIX
Daily and intermittent tasks necessary to keep your database running properly
How to assess potential threats to your database, configure Oracle Recovery Manager, and set up backup and recovery procedures
When to use online, offline, controlfile, and archivelog backups
Troubleshooting methodology and how to use Oracle database logs and other diagnostic utilities
Different ways to manage your database
How to automate jobs with the Oracle Scheduler
Using SQL in Oracle, and a great deal more

Completely up to date for the newest release of Oracle, Oracle 11g For Dummies will give you both the information and the confidence to set up and maintain an Oracle database for your organization.

Oracle 12c for Dummies

Demystifying the power of the Oracle 12c database

The Oracle database is the industry-leading relational database management system (RDMS) used from small companies to the world’s largest enterprises alike for their most critical business and analytical processing. Oracle 12c includes industry leading enhancements to enable cloud computing and empowers users to manage both Big Data and traditional data structures faster and cheaper than ever before. Oracle 12c For Dummies is the perfect guide for a novice database administrator or an Oracle DBA who is new to Oracle 12c. The book covers what you need to know about Oracle 12c architecture, software tools, and how to successfully manage Oracle databases in the real world.

Highlights the important features of Oracle 12c
Explains how to create, populate, protect, tune, and troubleshoot a new Oracle database
Covers advanced Oracle 12c technologies including Oracle Multitenant―the “pluggable database” concept―as well as several other key changes in this release

Make the most of Oracle 12c’s improved efficiency, stronger security, and simplified management capabilities with Oracle 12c For Dummies.

Oracle PL – SQL For Dummies

Find tips for creating efficient PL/SQL code
If you know a bit about SQL, this book will make PL/SQL programming painless!

The Oracle has spoken—you need to get up to speed on PL/SQL programming, right? We predict it’ll be a breeze with this book! You’ll find out about code structures, best practices, and code naming standards, how to use conditions and loops, where to place PL/SQL code in system projects, ways to manipulate data, and more.

Discover how to

Write efficient, easy-to-maintain code
Test and debug PL/SQL routines
Integrate SQL and PL/SQL
Apply PL/SQL best practices
Use new features introduced in Oracle 9i and 10g

Oracle PLSQL For Dummies

Oracle PL/SQL For Dummies shows novice Oracle programmers how to use PL/SQL, the procedural programming language embedded in Oracle, to develop Oracle applications. This book introduces PL/SQL and its relationship to SQL and includes coverage of the following: getting started with PL/SQL (e.g., language fundamentals, program control, exception handling, and packages); Oracle-specific programming topics (e.g., Oracle constructs of interest to PL/SQL developers and code-placement options); advanced PL/SQL (e.g., manipulating strings, manipulating dates, and manipulating numbers). The book also includes a database primer chapter, coverage of best practices (based on actual system-building experience) in sidebars throughout and in a full chapter, and coding and naming standards that can be adopted by organizations.