Memories_ A Husband to Remember


Nikki Carrothers wakes in an island hospital with no memory of her past, how she got there or of Trent McKenzie—the man claiming to be her husband. Though she’s undeniably attracted to him, Nikki’s not sure he can be trusted. Even as her memory returns, he’s the one piece of the puzzle that remains a mystery.

But when Trent finally reveals the shattering truth, the bond between them only deepens. Because Nikki’s part of an ongoing investigation that’s placed both of them in danger, and she’ll have to keep Trent close if she wants to live to see tomorrow….


Veronica Walsh is haunted by the memory of her late husband, having lost him years ago in a ski accident. Now she focuses solely on her daughter, Amy, certain that no man could ever fill the void in her broken heart—until Travis Keegan comes along.

Travis has been burned before—his ex-wife walked out on him, and his son Bryan is heading down a bad path. Desperate to make up for his own past mistakes, Travis moves them to an old mountain lodge right in Veronica’s backyard. Sparks fly when the single parents meet, but can either of them ever truly leave their past behind?

C++ Timesaving Techniques For Dummies

Seasoned C++ programmer Matthew Telles shows developers at any level of experience how to save hours by improving, refactoring, and debugging their code
Some of the techniques covered include mastering asserts, creating a complete class, hiding a method of a base class, freeing blocks of memory, implementing a simple locking mechanism, creating debugging macros, checking for errors at run-time, finding and fixing memory leaks, and reducing code complexity
The easy-to-follow, two-column Timesaving Techniques format makes mastering each timesaver a snap
C++ is one of today’s most widely used programming languages, with compilers offered by Microsoft, Borland, and Code Warrior
This book is the perfect companion to C++ For Dummies, Fifth Edition (0-7645-6852-3)

The Last Legionary Quartet

Galactic Warlord,
Deathwing Over Veyna,
Day of the Starwind
Planet of the Warlord

His planet had been destroyed, his fellow legionaries annihilated. Now Keill Randor was alone, his only thought to wreak the bitter, hate filled vengeance that blazed within him. The search for the source of this terrible evil involves him in adventures of the most terrifying kind as it leads him to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy and a final confrontation with the sinister warlord – and the murderous Death wing.

Skychurch – Urges of the Human Device

Skychurch are a Filipino metal band founded in 1990 when the three Dela Cruz brothers—Rommel, Robert, and Russell—were barely in their teens. Despite long gaps between album and EP releases, Skychurch is one of the more senior bands in the Filipino rock and metal scene.

Drummer Robert Dela Cruz is also a member of the rock band Queso.

Another notable member for much of Skychurch’s run was guitarist Joey Dizon, who has since left the band. Dizon and Russell Dela Cruz were founding members of the now defunct metal band Intolerant. Dizon is also a long-time staff writer and editor-in-chief at Pulp magazine.

Skychurch is often identified with the crossover genre, a nod to their hardcore and punk influences, but as their music progressed over the years Skychurch’s thrash and heavy metal roots have become apparent.

The Dela Cruz brothers were still in college when they released their first self-titled EP in 1996. Later that same year their debut album Urge of the Human Device came out via mainstream label Star Records’s Ear Stab imprint and was one of the few enduring crossover releases in the Philippines in the 1990s. It also marked their transition from Electric Skychurch to simply Skychurch.

The Dark Lands: The Valkeryn Chronicles 2


Valkeryn has fallen, the great king dead, and the Wolfen scattered. The monstrous Lygon and
Panterran now rule. Arnold ‘Arn’ Singer, the youth from the past and perhaps the last human being
alive on the planet, flees to the dark lands with the heir to the throne.

He seeks answers to the missing Ancients – Arn’s ancestors – mankind itself.

But back in his time the world continues to destabilize. The time distortion the mighty Tevatron collider created is growing larger and beginning to consume everything around it. The gateway vortex must be closed, Arn holds the key, and our world and its future is at stake.

Colonel Marion Briggs leads a team of Special Operations soldiers into the distant future world, fully armed and with one order – bring back Arn or his body. But there are more dangers in this strange and beautiful world than anyone knew. More horrors dwell in the deep jungles, below the inland seas and deep below the earth. There are things that can change the shape of two worlds, tear at sanity, and stretch friendships and loves to the limit.

The Spartacus War

An authoritative account from an expert author: The Spartacus War is the first popular history of the revolt in English.

The Spartacus War is the extraordinary story of the most famous slave rebellion in the ancient world, the fascinating true story behind a legend that has been the inspiration for novelists, filmmakers, and revolutionaries for 2,000 years. Starting with only seventy-four men, a gladiator named Spartacus incited a rebellion that threatened Rome itself. With his fellow gladiators, Spartacus built an army of 60,000 soldiers and controlled the southern Italian countryside. A charismatic leader, he used religion to win support. An ex-soldier in the Roman army, Spartacus excelled in combat. He defeated nine Roman armies and kept Rome at bay for two years before he was defeated. After his final battle, 6,000 of his followers were captured and crucified along Rome’s main southern highway.

Buying A Computer for Dummies 2006 Edition

– Realizing that purchasing a computer is a significant investment, beloved author Dan Gookin assists readers in finding a tailor-made computer that suits specific needs while also offering longevity
– Delivers all the know-how in an understandable, enjoyable, friendly style so readers don’t feel overwhelmed by all the choices they’ll face when buying a computer
– Walks readers step by step through all the new developments: CD burner/DVD combo drives, processor upgrades, flat panel displays, new modem and networking options, new peripherals, and more
– An essential reference for first-time computer buyers looking to make a wise purchase, and for anyone looking to get an additional computer

Building Confidence For Dummies

We could all use a little more confidence in our lives. With a push in the right direction, you can discover how to carry yourself confidently at work, at home, and even in relationships. This friendly guide shows you what confidence is and where it comes from, and offers practical tips and techniques to build on your skills, challenge your fears, and channel your energy into a more effective you.Discover how toRecognise your strengthsSee things from a brighter perspectiveSay ‘No’ with confidenceBuild confidence in othersRaise confident children

Branding For Dummies

Why do consumers pay a premium for a Dell or Hewlett-Packard laptop, when they could get a generic machine with similar features for a lower price? The answer lies in the power of branding. A brand is not just a logo. It is the image your company creates of itself, from your advertising look to your customer interaction style. It makes a promise for your business, and that promise becomes the sticking point for customer loyalty. And that loyalty and trust is why, so to speak, your laptops sell and your competitors’ don’t.
Whatever your business is, whether it’s large or small, global or local, Branding For Dummies gives you the nuts and bolts know-how to create, improve, or maintain a brand. This plain-English guide will help you brand everything from products to services to individuals. It gives you step-by-step advice on assembling a top-notch branding team, positioning your brand, handling advertising and promotion, avoiding blunders, and keeping your brand viable, visible, and healthy. You’ll get familiar with branding essentials like:

Defining your company’s identity
Developing logos and taglines
Launching your brand marketing plan
Managing and protecting your brand
Fixing a broken brand
Making customers loyal brand champions
Filled with easy-to-navigate icons, charts, figures, top ten lists, and humor, Branding For Dummies is the straight-up, jargon-free resource for making your brand stand out from the pack—and for positioning your business to reap the ensuing rewards.

Bookkeeping Workbook For Dummies

Accurate and complete bookkeeping is crucial to any business owner, but it’s also important to those who work with the business, such as investors, financial institutions, and employees. People both inside and outside the business all depend on a bookkeeper’s accurate recordings. Bookkeeping For Dummies provides the easy and painless way to master this crucial art. You’ll be able to manage your own finances to save money and grow your business. This straightforward, no-nonsense guide shows you the basics of bookkeeping–from recording transactions to producing balance sheets and year-end reports. Discover how to:

Outline your financial road map with a chart of accounts Keep journals of cash transactions Set up your computerized books Control your books, your records, and your money Buy and track your purchases Record sales returns and allowances Determine your employee [is “employee” necessary here?] staff’s net pay Maintain employee records Prepare your books for year’s end Report results and start over Produce an income statement Complete year-end payroll and reports This guide features tips and tricks for managing your business cash with your books and also profiles important accounts for any bookkeeper. There’s no question that bookkeepers must be detail-oriented, meticulous, and accurate. Bookkeeping For Dummies shows you how to keep track of your business’s financial well-being and ensure future success!