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1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies

1,001 practice opportunities to score higher in statistics
1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction and guidance offered in Statistics For Dummies to give you a more hands-on understanding of statistics. The practice problems offered range in difficulty, including detailed explanations and walk-throughs.

In this series, every step of every solution is shown with explanations and detailed narratives to help you solve each problem. With the book purchase, you’ll also get access to practice statistics problems online. This content features 1,001 practice problems presented in multiple choice format; on-the-go access from smart phones, computers, and tablets; customizable practice sets for self-directed study; practice problems categorized as easy, medium, or hard; and a one-year subscription with book purchase.

Offers on-the-go access to practice statistics problems
Gives you friendly, hands-on instruction
1,001 statistics practice problems that range in difficulty

1,001 Statistics Practice Problems For Dummies provides ample practice opportunities for students who may have taken statistics in high school and want to review the most important concepts as they gear up for a faster-paced college class.

String Theory For Dummies

A clear, plain-English guide to this complex scientific theory

String theory is the hottest topic in physics right now, with books on the subject (pro and con) flying out of the stores. String Theory For Dummies offers an accessible introduction to this highly mathematical “theory of everything,” which posits ten or more dimensions in an attempt to explain the basic nature of matter and energy. Written for both students and people interested in science, this guide explains concepts, discusses the string theory’s hypotheses and predictions, and presents the math in an approachable manner. It features in-depth examples and an easy-to-understand style so that readers can understand this controversial, cutting-edge theory.

Structural engineering handbook, 5th Edition

For 50 years, this internationally renowned handbook has been the go-to reference for structural engineering specifications, codes, technologies, and procedures. Featuring contributions from a variety of experts, the book has been revised to align with the codes that govern structural design and materials, including IBC, ASCE 7, ASCE 37, ACI, AISC, AASHTO, NDS, and TMS. Concise, practical, and user-friendly, this one-of-a-kind resource contains real-world examples and detailed descriptions of today’s design methods.

Structural Engineering Handbook, Fifth Edition, covers:

• Computer applications in structural engineering
• Earthquake engineering
• Fatigue, brittle fracture, and lamellar tearing
• Soil mechanics and foundations
• Design of steel structural and composite members
• Plastic design of steel frames
• Design of cold-formed steel structural members
• Design of aluminum structural members
• Design of reinforced- and prestressed-concrete structural members
• Masonry construction and timber structures
• Arches and rigid frames
• Bridges and girder boxes
• Building design and considerations
• Industrial and tall buildings
• Thin-shell concrete structures
• Special structures and nonbuilding structures