Switching to a Mac For Dummies 2nd Edition

From the Back Cover
Making Everything Easier!

Switching to a Mac® for Dummies 2nd Edition

Learn to:
Choose the Mac that’s right for you
Transfer your files from Windows®
Connect your Mac to the Internet by using a wireless network

Get the most from Mac OS® X Snow Leopard and create cool projects with the iLife® suite

Arnold Reinhold

Switching is almost as easy as using a Mac, and we’ll guide you all the way!

So you’ve decided to join the more intuitive, less virus-prone world of the Mac? Congratulations! This book tells you what to expect, how to choose a Mac (if you haven’t already), and how to make the switch a breeze. Discover all the cool preloaded software, how to make your Mac talk to your iPhone and iPod®, and how to work the Mac way.

Meet the family — compare MacBooks and the Mac mini, iMac®, and Mac Pro

I’m a Mac, and you’re leaving a PC — see what’s alike and what’s different, and learn to use Apple menus and the Finder

Can I keep it? — find out what peripherals will still work with your Mac

Moving day — transfer your files, address book, and content stored on other media

Get connected — set up your Internet service and e-mail application, and connect to your printer and other peripherals

iLove all these apps — play, buy, and organize music with iTunes®; edit, sort, and share photos with iPhoto®; make movies with iMovie®; and more

Safety first — learn what makes Macs safer and why strong passwords are still important

If you just can’t say goodbye — see how to run Windows® on your Mac

Open the book and find:
How a Mac can simplify your life
Special advice for seniors and parents of young kids
Tips on keeping your Mac updated and secure
Ways to unleash your creativity with photos, audio, and video
How to configure your new Mac
Help with switching specialized software to your Mac
Mac networking instructions
How to get both WiFi and backup capability by using Time Capsule®

About the Author
Arnold Reinhold has more than three decades of experience in the software industry. His first Apple product was a Mac 512. He has coauthored numerous books, including Green IT For Dummies.

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Learn the basics about using and maintaining your MacBook, how to work with Mac OS X, use the iWork productivity suite, enjoy the iLife, and cruise the Web from anywhere. Plus, you’ll go under the hood and explore custom scripts and tweaks to help you get more from your MacBook and troubleshoot solutions.

iMac for Dummies 6th Edition

The perennial bestselling iMac book is back—now updated and revised throughout!
If you’re eager to discover how to take advantage of the exciting possibilities that an iMac offers, then this is the book for you. From its speed, high performance, powerful operating system, and amazing applications, the iMac is an impeccable choice, and the fun, friendly, and approachable style of iMac For Dummies, 6th Edition is an ideal way to get started with the basics.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of the iMac including setting up and customizing your iMac and the software that comes with it, importing files from your old computer, sending and receiving e-mail, and more.

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Walks you through storing and organizing digital photos, music, and video
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Macs All-in-One for Dummies 2nd Edition

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Minibooks include Mac Basics; Photos, Music, and Movies; Browsing the Internet; Working with iLife and iWork; Other Mac Programs; Timesaving Tips with a Mac; and Mac Networking.

Ideal for those switching to a Mac from a PC as well as for Mac users who are upgrading
Helps you set up and customize your Mac and get to know the Mac way
Explains how to get online, surf with Safari, and send and receive e-mail
Covers working with photos, music, and movies, as well as crunching numbers and creating presentations with iWork
Explores setting up a network, running Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp, and automating your Mac
Provides troubleshooting tips and advice on protecting your Mac

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Covers setting up your PC, exploring the Windows 8 interface, using network hardware and software, getting online and browsing with the newest version of Internet Explorer, setting up an e-mail account, connecting to the cloud, and using cloud-based services
Shows you how to install and upgrade programs and manage files and folders
Explores working with digital photos, downloading music, watching movies, and participating in social media

PCs For Dummies, 12th Edition is the jargon-free, easy-to-use guide to everything you need to know about your PC.