The Best Markers for Wine Glasses Will Upgrade Any Party

1. Arteza Wine Glass Markers

Arteza markers add bling and sparkle to every party and all types of surfaces. Their premium metallic markers work well on wine glasses, glass, mirror, plastics, ceramics, paper, wood, and metals. The set includes 8 vivid metallic colors that work well on light or dark surfaces. The ink dries in under a minute for smudge-free writing and drawing, and after your party is over, it washes off easily with warm water or glass cleaner. Names and designs don’t fade, they stay put until washed off. Be careful not to write on areas where condensation may occur, because the ink may rub off on hands, but it washes off easily an doesn’t stain skin or fabric. The ink is food safe and nontoxic; it conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN 71 safety standards.

2. VersaChalk Wine Glass Markers

Make every glass and dish a work of art with VersaChalk’s beautiful color-saturated markers. The set features premium German ink in a variety of 7 colors and finishes: matte shades of neon red, classic yellow, mandy pink, and wicked violet; and metallic silver, emerald, and sapphire. All inks write cleanly and are easy to read on clear glass, even against darker beverages. The ink dries quickly and resists smudges and smears, but do avoid using these markers on areas where condensation may occur. Your designs remain in place until washed off. And don’t stop with writing your guests’ names on their glasses: let these markers spark your creativity. Mark ceramic party trays to identify their offerings—cheeses or pâtés—or add messages tailored to the occasion. The markers are perfect for making gifts look special. Write on wine bottles, candles, mirrors, and windows.

3. Cheer Collection Wine Glass Markers

Bring a smile to every face with Cheer Collection’s 5 metallic markers. These affordable markers add pizzazz to every window, mirror, ceramic mug, glass cup, and plastic jar. The ink shows up rich and extra sparkly on glass, metal, and plastic, and kids and adults love the vibrant colors. The ink goes on smoothly and dries smudge-free in under 30 seconds; it washes away cleanly and easily with warm water. The markers are safe and nontoxic, perfect for kids, classrooms, parties, and special occasions. Use them to label glasses, jars, and storage containers. Early finishers can add drawings to classroom windows. Fun for all ages and all occasions.

4. Gainwell Wine Glass Markers

Rely no longer rely on permanent black markings to keep track of cheap red plastic cups during parties. Gainwell’s Wine Glass Markers work on a variety of glasses and cups, the perfect marker for the perfect party. The set includes 8 quick-drying matte and metallic colors: red, blue, green, pink, purple, gold, silver, and dark silver. With so much inspiration, guests will want to make a game of it, writing more than just their names on their glasses—just be sure they avoid areas of condensation. The ink is food safe and nontoxic, and washes off easily.

5. Tag Your Glass Wine Glass Markers

Professional party planners and hosts and hostesses extraordinaire reach for these premium wine glass markers to personalize and customize glasses and serving dishes in 7 colorful metallic inks: blue, black, green, red, silver, gold, and pink. The ink dries in less than 3 minutes for smudge-resistant results. Add your calligraphic flair by writing in sophisticated script on glasses and dishes. The ink washes off easily and is dishwasher safe, and may rub off with condensation. These durable markers last longer than comparable ones; store them tip down for longer life. Tag’s customer service is excellent and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.