Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies

From the Back Cover
Learn to:

Prepare for the Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests
Test your skills with practice problems and full-length exams, including access to online audio questions
Review essential Literacy and Numeracy subject knowledge
The one guide you need to pass the Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests!

Preparing for the Literacy and Numeracy Skills Tests? This book is your one-stop guide to passing both exams to earn your place on a teacher training course! This easy-to-use, comprehensive guide provides review of the relevant subject matter, practice exams and tips for test-taking to help you on your way.

Your ticket to the classroom — get a complete overview of the Skills Tests, including test-taking strategies
Literacy — hit all the high points of spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading comprehension to prepare like a pro
Numeracy — run the numbers with reviews of arithmetic, statistics and all the relevant maths problems
Time to test — use timed practice tests to hone your test-taking abilities and measure your progress
Tips and tricks — review the expert authors’ insider tips for keeping your studying on track and taking the best approach to the exams
Open the book and find:

A review of key Maths and English concepts
Full-length practice exams and additional questions
Mistakes to avoid on test day
Test-taking tips recommended by the experts
Tricks to managing time while taking the exams
Access to online audio tests for spelling and arithmetic

About the Author
Colin Beveridge holds a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Saint Andrews and is a full-time maths tutor.
Andrew Green studied for his doctorate at Brunel University and is currently a senior lecturer in Education.

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Teacher’s Skills Tests For Dummies

– A review of the key maths and English concepts you need to know to do well
– Full length practice tests and tons of additional practice questions
– Online accessible audio tests for spelling and mental arithmetic — to better prepare you for the actual test
– Tips and tricks (along with mistakes to avoid) to become a better test taker

With this book — and a bit of work on your part — you’ll be positioned to pass your skills tests and gain that coveted place on a teacher-training course.

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