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The Art of Draw Fu – Beginner Level

Are you ashamed of the way you draw?

This book is here to help.

If you can’t draw a straight line, if you can’t even draw a stick figure, this is the book for you.

20 year animation veteran Luis Escobar, Storyboard artist for The Simpsons Television show has structured this book in a very unique way.
Using the model of a Kung Fu class, he takes absolute beginners from the most basic drawing conditioning to a competent level of drawing. Focusing on drawing cartoon characters.

How to Draw Collection 13-24

the drawings are really easy to follow and very easy to draw!

in this collection you will learn how to draw these books:
how to draw food
how to draw plants
how to draw weapons
how to draw treasure island
how to draw Doug’s friends
how to draw forest fairies
how to draw life under the sea
how to draw gnomes & dwarves
how to draw fruit
how to draw vegetables
how to draw stuff in the house
how to draw Moses in Eygpt