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Gardening Basics for Dummies

Plant the garden of your dreams!

Even if you’ve never sowed a seed nor pulled a weed, Gardening Basics For Dummies contains everything you need to know about flowers, beds, borders, trees, shrubs, and lawns to create your own private paradise. This friendly and informative guide also covers all of the tools and additives available to make gardening easier.

You’ll discover:

Clear definitions and descriptions of the different types of plants
Tips on choosing the type of garden you want
How to create a garden plan
Easy-to-follow instructions for soil preparation
Advice on planting, growing and caring for annuals and perennials
Step-by-step plans for organic and edible gardens
Plans for butterfly and children’s gardens

Packed with helpful tips on controlling pests safely, managing weeds, and correcting common gardening problems, Gardening for Dummies turns your brown thumb green in a hurry.

[Diamond Brothers 3] – South by South East

It looks like Tim, the world’s worst private detective, and Nick, his brainy kid brother, are in trouble again. They’re dead broke. But money is the least of their worries when a mysterious man bursts into their office and offers Tim a wad of cash for his coat. Minutes later, the stranger is dead and Nick and Tim are left to puzzle over his final words. What could he have meant by “suff bee suff-iss”? Or was it “south by southeast”? Neither one seems to make much sense, but the Diamond brothers will have to figure it out, and fast! Whoever killed the stranger is now after Nick and Tim

Composting for Dummies

Back-to-basics gardening that will benefit the earth and your wallet!

Want to use ordinary waste to create an extraordinary garden? Composting lets you turn household food waste, yard clippings, and more into free compost and mulch that’s chock-full of nutrients. From building and working with traditional compost bins to starting an indoor worm-composting operation, Composting For Dummies makes these often intimidating projects easy, fun, and accessible for anyone!

Digging into compost basics ― get a handle on the benefits of composting and the tools you’ll need to get started

Choosing the best method and location ― find the best composting method and location that’s right for you, whether it’s above ground, in a hole, in a container or bin, or even right in your kitchen

Building your pile ― learn which ingredients can go into your compost pile, what stays out, and how to mix it all up in the right proportions

Stepping beyond traditional composting ― get the lowdown on vermicomposting (letting worms eat your garbage), growing green manures to compost later, and sheet composting in the same spot you plan to plant

Open the book and find:

A step-by-step guide to composting
The right gear and tools for the job
Tips on constructing your own composting containers and bins
Materials you can safely compost (and those to avoid)
Cover crops to improve your soil now and compost later
Recommendations for using your finished compost
What worms contribute to your compost
Troubleshooting advice if your compost pile isn’t cooperating

Learn to:

Turn household food waste, yard clippings, and more into nutrient-rich compost
Build and maintain your own compost bin
Use worms to aid in composting, both indoors and out
Give your vegetable and flower gardens a boost of energy