The Wind Power Book

A detailed look at the technology of wind generated power includes a comparison of various system designs, advice on assembling a wind power system, and an analysis of wind power availability in each state.

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Build Your Own Small Wind Power System – Shea, Kevin

Welcome to a book about installing a small wind turbine system. Before we try to entice you with the world of wind through stories, mathematics, physics, price tags, laws, and the wrenches thrown into your machine that complicate things, let us say that with this book we hope to give you a good foundation for installing, or having someone install, a wind turbine. We want you to reach the turbine’s top. This book is for you to not only understand wind from abstract text and photos, but will get you in the field, exploring, finding, and harnessing your own wind. Although no book is a substitute for hands-on training, we hope to get you started on the process.

Kevin’s “Ship Bedroom,” one of several themed spaces inside the Long Island Green Dome. Others include the Paleolithic Bathroom (complete with cave wall shower), the Atlantis Bathroom, and the Noah’s Ark Bedroom. Kevin Shea.