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Vitamins For Dummies

“Christopher Hobbs and Elson Haas…take a complicated field and…make sense of it.”
―Ron Lawrence, MD, PhD, Director, Council on Natural Nutrition
Don’t forget to take your vitamins! It’s good advice. But everybody’s needs are different. Age, lifestyle, gender, ethnicity, diet, and habits all play a role in determining which vitamins and minerals you need more or less of in your diet. Like traffic lights, vitamins help regulate your body’ most basic functions at the cellular level. And just like those red, green and amber beacons, they must be synchronized―not too many or too few―to get you through your life’s journey in good shape. Now Vitamins For Dummies shows you how to have green lights all the way.

Confused by vitamins? Mystified by minerals? Can’t tell the difference between gingko and ginseng? In this straight-talking guide, two experts cut through the confusion and help you:

Get a handle on what each vitamin mineral and supplement does
Create a personalized supplement program
Understand the fine print on the labels
Combat or prevent specific ailments
Enhance memory, mood, and energy
Slow the aging progress
Drawing upon their years of experience in clinical practice as well as the latest scientific research into nutritional supplements, Chris Hobbs and Elson Haas, MD, tell you, in plain English, what you need to know to make informed decisions about which supplements you take. They cover:

The ABCs of vitamins
All about minerals
Amino acids and proteins―the body’s building blocks
The importance of fats and oils
Common supplements for digestion
Super-foods and other great supplements
The top 40 herbal supplements
As an added bonus, Vitamins For Dummies features a quick-reference, A-to-Z guide to treatments for 90 common complaints. From acne to motion sickness to varicose veins, the authors describe complete healing programs that include vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements and lifestyle changes.

Your complete A-to-Zinc guide to vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements, Vitamins For Dummies is your ticket to good health and long life.

Handbook Of Vitamins

Features a comprehensive summary of the chemical, physiological, and nutritional relationships of all recognized vitamins!

Maintaining the standards of excellence set forth in the previous editions, the Handbook of Vitamins, Third Edition presents a thorough examination of the fundamental characteristics, functions, and roles of vitamins in human health.

Extensively updated and expanded to reflect the latest advances in analytical and separation methodologies!

Offering a compendium of authoritative, current knowledge on the nature and function of each known nutrient, the Third Edition discusses….
improvements in the methodology, isolation, identification, and the synthesis of vitamins
the chemistry, metabolism, and biochemical functions of vitamins
vitamin interactions with environmental factors, drugs, alcohol, and smoking
vitamins in disease prevention and health promotion
the efficacy and hazards of high vitamin dosages
and more!
New sections cover…
the roles vitamins play as catalysts, cellular regulators, and co-substrates
biochemical markers for vitamin deficiency and groups at risk
the relationship of B12 and folate metabolism to homocysteine regulation, and the possible connections of homocysteine to vascular diseases and developmental defects
new roles for vitamins A, K, and D, and the role of vitamin E and flavonoids in oxidant defense
Containing over 2800 literature references and 150 illustrations and tables, the Handbook of Vitamins, Third Edition serves as an indisputably valuable reference for human and animal nutritionists, dietitians, food scientists and technologists, biochemists, organic and analytical chemists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, physiologists, physicians in general practice, and makes an indispensable text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.