Weak is the New Strong

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Todd Lollar
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August 11, 2020

What if your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths?

With cerebral palsy binding him to a wheelchair and slowing his speech, Todd’s physical weaknesses have always been apparent. As a child, his confinement even led to years of abuse and neglect. He’s never had the option of hiding his weaknesses. Escape—Impossible.

But through God’s movement in the trials, Todd became deeply thankful for what many would consider devastating. Weak Is the New Strong is an invitation to journey with Todd and discover how your greatest weakness—whatever it is can be transformed by God’s strength. God longs for his power to spring to life in you so that you can serve others, and Todd can show you how. The key to abundant life is learning to live confidently in God’s power through your weaknesses—not despite them.

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