Wilderness – Ballroom Dancing – 2015 ALBUM

Wilderness is a nine-piece ensemble that’s been in the Metro Manila scene for about four years now.

Earlier this month, the band threw quite the party to launch the new music video of single “Pasaway”.

There was a a drum circle, pay-what-you-want portraits, tarot card readings and, of course, a screening of the video of their new song that they interestingly described as a “modern kundiman.”

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Wilderness – Pyesta EP – 2011 ALBUM

A 9-piece psychedelic-funk rock collective from the Philippines.

Originally conceived as a 3 piece, Wilderness then grew to a 9 headed, hot-blooded explosion of groove and love. Explosive. Ambitious. Artistically spaced-out. Honest. It is Wilderness’ mission to serve a whole new level of a multi-aesthetic experience on a musical dish, best served LIVE and RAW.