Windows XP Hacks & Mods For Dummies

From the Back Cover
Make Windows XP look, feel, and act the way you want
Simplify searches, find free virus protection, and make Windows love your iPod®

Hacks? Mods? Don’t be frightened — this book walks you through each and every one, and even steers you clear of well-known hacks that don’t really accomplish anything. See how some simple tools can help you take control and create settings you can actually use, shortcuts that simplify your life, security measures that really work, and lots more.

Discover how to

Remove features you never use
Speed up system performance
Launch applications more quickly
Fight spyware more effectively
Get peak performance from your XP games

About the Author
In the past fifteen years, Woody Leonhard has written more than computer books, drawing an unprecedented six Computer Press Association awards and two American Business Press awards. Woody was one of the first Microsoft Consulting Partners and is a charter member of the Microsoft Solutions Provider organization. He’s widely quoted — and reviled — on the Redmond campus.
Woody’s Web site,, keeps an eye on the computer industry, covering the latest shenanigans from Microsoft, the best software for your computer, the worst pitfalls (and patches!) to avoid, updates to his books, and all the other information you need to keep your PC chugging away.

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Windows XP Timesaving Techniques for Dummies 2nd Edition

Computers were supposed to save us time, but Windows XP users know how often the opposite seems to be true. What if you could get a list of shortcuts that would save you time every single day? Windows XP Timesaving Techniques For Dummies, 2nd Edition includes 70 of them, great tips and tricks that make Windows work faster, more reliably, and more like the way you work.
Collected and tested by Windows guru Woody Leonhard, these timesavers are organized into groups of related tasks so you can quickly find the ones that will help you at any given time. You can set up your desktop and launch your programs in the way that makes sense for you, take back control of the Internet and e-mail, manage your music and visual media, and protect your system in a few simple steps. You’ll find no-nonsense advice on

Eliminating irritating programs that start automatically
Speeding up the restart or shutdown process
Streamlining searches, the Start menu, and Outlook Express
Strengthening your firewall and zapping scumware
Adjusting your monitor to reduce eyestrain
Reducing download time for photos
Enhancing the performance of your network
Making online shopping faster as well as safer
Scheduling maintenance chores to run while you sleep

From the most basic to somewhat advanced tricks designed for power users, this grocery list of timesavers has something for every Windows XP user— including you!

Windows XP AIO Desk Reference For Dummies 2nd Edition

Windows is the number one operating system in the world. There’s a lot to Windows XP, with office productivity applications, multimedia features, the Internet, and security upgrades. Now and then, you probably wish you could call Tech Support. That’s when you’ll be grateful to have nine books about Windows XP in one – “Windows XP All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, Second Edition”. It replaces a whole shelf of reference books and covers: Windows XP basics; customization; the Internet; Internet explorer; microsoft network; hardware; multimedia; Windows media center; and, wired and wireless networks.Fully updated with the latest information on Microsoft’s improved security features, the newest on multimedia applications and Windows Media Center, and plenty of additional stuff to help you decide about broadband Internet connections, this edition of “Windows XP All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies” makes Windows XP manageable. It helps you: get started with Windows XP, search for files, use shortcuts, deal with common problems, and take advantage of built-in help; customize your desktop, menus, icons, and startup programs; protect your PC by using Windows Firewall, appropriate virus protection, and other security measures; compare browsers, connect to the Internet, choose the right e-mail program, and manage newsgroups and chats; work with digital images, download and play music, burn CDs, find out about digital camcorders, and create movies with Movie Maker; decide whether a Media Center PC is right for you; create a home network and troubleshoot any problems that come up.With thumbtabs that make it easy to find what you’re looking for and the famous “For Dummies” cheat sheet in the front, this book is designed to make life with Windows XP a lot easier, happier, safer, and a whole lot more fun.

Office 2003 For Dummies Timesaving Techniques for Dummies

Wouldn’t it be a waste to go on a spectacular, exotic vacation abroad and just hang out at the hotel pool? Wouldn’t it be a waste to buy a new iPod, download four favorite songs, and play them over and over?
Most people with Office 2003 are wasting a lot of software power and a lot of time. They do the same routine things in the same routine ways and haven’t begun to explore the capabilities of Office 2003. If you’re one of them, Office 2003 Timesaving Techniques For Dummies gets you out of your rut and into action. It provides over 70 timesaving techniques for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint. (Most of the tips work with Office 2000 and Office XP, too.) You’ll customize Office to meet your needs and start working like a pro in no time with easy-to-use tricks, tips, and techniques for:

Streamlining your toolbars (Word alone has dozens to choose from)
Setting up Outlook, searching with folders, organizing with flags, and dealing with spam
Taking proper security measures, including using and updating an antivirus package and avoiding potentially dangerous file extensions
Editing and laying out impressive Word documents
Using keyboard shortcuts
Diving into more advanced Office skills such as writing macros, setting up templates, and using multimedia with PowerPoint
Using Excel to build self-verifying spreadsheets
Running totals and subtotals in Access
Combining applications to print holiday greetings and run an electronic newsletter
Written by Woody Leonhard, author of Windows XP Timesaving Techniques For Dummies and the bestseller Windows XP All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, this guides helps you eliminate extra steps and little annoyances and do things you probably didn’t know you could do, such as:

Building e-mail stationery
Calculating sales tax with the Lookup Wizard
Making professional labels
Encrypting messages
Recording narration for PowerPoint presentations
Complete with an index that lets you find what you want, fast. Office 2003 Timesaving Techniques For Dummies helps you get up to speed and down to work. After all, times a-wastin!

Green Home Computing for Dummies

Make your computer a green machine and live greener at home and at work
Get on board the green machine! Green home computing means making the right technology choice for the environment, whether it be a Windows-based or Mac-based computer and all the peripherals. In addition, it means learning how to properly and safely dispose of those items and how to use your computer to create a greener life at home and at work.

Computer expert Woody Leonhard and green living guru Katherine Murray introduce you to the many green products that exist in the world of technology, including eco-friendly desktops, laptops, and servers; energy-efficient peripherals; and the numerous Web sites that offer advice on how to go green in nearly every aspect of your life.

Bestselling author Woody Leonhard and green living guru Katherine Murray show you how to make your computer more eco-friendly
Discusses buying a green computer and choosing eco-friendly peripherals
Discover ways to manage your power with software and servers
Provides helpful explanations that decipher how to understand your computer’s power consumption

With this invaluable insight, you’ll discover that it actually is easy being green!

Windows Home Server For Dummies

If you work in an office, you probably don’t lose much sleep worrying about whether your files are safe if your PC melts down. Company IT departments handle those things for business networks. But how about all those precious photos, address lists, the family genealogy, and everything else that lives on your home network? Windows Home Server can save the day if one of your personal PCs hiccups, and Windows Home Server For Dummies serves up all the stuff you need to know to put it to work.
Forget everything you’ve heard about previous versions of Windows Server; this all-new variation has been designed for people who don’t wear white lab coats or pocket protectors. Woody Leonhard has tested it and it passed with flying colors. If you have a home or small business network, this book shows you how Windows Home Server helps you

Share files among all the PCs in your home
Access your files from anywhere
Make regular backups automatically
Store files securely
Play music, TV shows, or movies on your Xbox
Share multimedia across your network
Keep your virus protection and system upgrades up to date
Get regular reports on the overall health of your network

Windows Home Server For Dummies provides sage advice on choosing a version of Windows Home Server, installing it, setting up users and passwords, using remote access, scheduling automatic scans and backups, and having fun with multimedia. Trust Woody— you’ll sleep better.