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Wizard Pair

The thrilling prequel to the Apprentice to Master Series.

Zhimosom and Rotiaqua are running for their lives when they learn that they are the last hope to save the dragons. The Evil Priest, Sulrad is killing dragons to power the magic he uses to enslave the dragon clan. With the remaining dragons under Sulrad’s control, there will be no stopping his evil.

When Zhimosom learns that Rotiaqua’s magic is bound to Sulrad’s, he realizes that killing the Priest is not an option. Zhimosom must find a way to stop Sulrad before the Council falls under the dragon army, or lose his partner and his magic, and witness the destruction of the last of the dragons.

Foundling Wizard (Book 1)

For over a hundred years the priests of Ran have been killing young wizards to take their power. When the Wizard’s power comes awake in Lorit he is targeted for special attention by the Temple. Lorit must learn to master his magic in time to save the sister he infused with his own power. Can he find a way to overcome the Priest’s stolen magic without resorting to their own tactics? When Lorit meets the Sorceress Chihon, everything changes. Follow along with Lorit as he battles the Evil Priests to make the land safe for magicians everywhere.

Master Wizard (Book 4)

The last dragon’s egg is discovered in the treasury of Veldwaite launching Lorit and Chihon into a battle with the Temple Priests in this fantasy adventure. They rescue a young Wizard and enlist his help as they fight to stop the Temple from harnessing the power of the last dragon for their evil plans.

Follow along with Lorit and Chihon as they fight to save the dragons from the clutches of the Temple. An epic adventure for our young Wizards filled with dragons, evil Priests and plenty of magic.

Insurance for Dummies 2nd Edition

Now updated ― your guide to getting the best insurance policy

Are you intimidated by insurance? Have no fear ― this easy-to-understand guide explains everything you need to know, from getting the most coverage at the best price to dealing with adjusters, filing claims, and more. Whether you’re looking for personal or business insurance, you’ll see how to avoid common pitfalls, lower your costs, and get what you deserve at claim time.

Get to know the basics ― understand how to make good insurance decisions and reduce the chances of a financial loss in your life
Take your insurance on the road ― manage your personal automobile risks, handle special situations, insure recreational vehicles, and deal with insurance adjusters
Understand homeowner’s and renter’s insurance ― know what is and isn’t covered by typical policies, common exclusions and pitfalls, and how to cover yourself against personal lawsuits
Buy the right umbrella policy ― discover the advantages, and coordinate your policies to cover the gaps
Manage life, health, and disability risks ― explore individual and group policies, understand Medicare basics, and evaluate long-term disability and long-term-care insurance

Open the book and find:

The best life, health, home, and auto policies
Strategies for handling the claims process to get what you deserve
Tips on adjusting your deductible to suit your lifestyle
How to navigate healthcare policies
Ways to reduce your risk and your premiums
Common traps and loopholes
Considerations for grads, freelancers, and remote workers

Statistics I & II For Dummies 2 eBook Bundle

Two complete eBooks for one low price! Created and compiled by the publisher, this Statistics I and Statistics II bundle brings together two math titles in one, e-only bundle. With this special bundle, you’ll get the complete text of the following two titles:

Statistics For Dummies, 2nd Edition “Statistics For Dummies” shows you how to interpret and critique graphs and charts, determine the odds with probability, guesstimate with confidence using confidence intervals, set up and carry out a hypothesis test, compute statistical formulas, and more. Tracks to a typical first semester statistics course. Updated examples resonate with today’s students. Explanations mirror teaching methods and classroom protocol

Packed with practical advice and real-world problems, “Statistics For Dummies” gives you everything you need to analyze and interpret data for improved classroom or on-the-job performance.

Statistics II For Dummies The ideal supplement and study guide for students preparing for advanced statistics. Packed with fresh and practical examples appropriate for a range of degree-seeking students, “Statistics II For Dummies” helps any reader succeed in an upper-level statistics course. It picks up with data analysis where “Statistics For Dummies” left off, featuring new and updated examples, real-world applications, and test-taking strategies for success. This easy-to-understand guide covers such key topics as sorting and testing models, using regression to make predictions, performing variance analysis (ANOVA), drawing test conclusions with chi-squares, and making comparisons with the Rank Sum Test.