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Yeng Constantino – journey

Journey is the second album by a Filipina singer – songwriter Yeng Constantino, released on February 29, 2008 via Star Music. The album contains twelve tracks: six were composed by Constantino, two were a collaboration of Constantino and Morning Glory. Journey sold more than 15,000 copies and is certified Gold. It was followed by her third album, Lapit.

Yeng Constantino – All About Love

All About Love is the fifth studio album by Filipina singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino, released in the Philippines on November 25, 2014 by Star Music. This album was also the first-full Filipino album to be released on Spotify.

All About Love is Constantino’s attempt to tackle new genres beyond her mostly pop-rock image, and serves as a prelude to her wedding with fellow musician Yan Asuncion, which was to be held on February 14, 2015. The 10-track album includes two songs originally composed by Constantino, three songs written and composed by her then-fiancé Asuncion, and the other songs by some of her favorite composers in the local music industry.

“Ikaw” is a single in promotion of her wedding with Yan Asuncion. The official music video, released on August 23, 2014, also serves as their unofficial prenuptial video.

Yeng Constantino – Salamat

Salamat is the debut album of the Filipina singer-songwriter Yeng Constantino. It was released on January 19, 2007 through Dream Big Productions and Star Music. It reached its Gold status in February of the same year and reached 3x Platinum. It remains Constantino’s best-selling album to date, with sales of (over 90,000 copies sold) in the Philippines, as of June 2013. This album have five number ones, the only female artist in the Philippines with the most number one hits in 2007. And the album produce six top ten hits.[1]

The album has 10 tracks. 7 were originally composed by Yeng, 2 were written by her co-scholars in Pinoy Dream Academy and one is a rendition of Freddie Aguilar’s OPM classic, “Bulag, Pipi at Bingi”.[2] It was followed by her second album titled “Journey”.

Yeng Constantino – Synesthesia

Synesthesia is the condition where one sense is also perceived through light – say, you see colors when you hear sounds. Yeng Constantino admitted to having that just as her new album (of the same name!) drops – a bit of heavy-handed marketing, although you’d learn to forgive that since Yeng has mostly delivered across her career. She’s made an effort to move away from her pop-rock origins in her last album, 2014’s All About Love, and with this record she seems more relaxed – must be the married life settling in. This time it’s, dare I say it, more of an R&B record, but not entirely horizontal, and with a bit more playfulness. “Pinipigil”, the album starter, is the best example of the sound: electronics-driven, but with a slightly hipster edge that should appeal to all. It’s a bit disappointing that the rest of the record proceeds to strip that template down: the songwriting is still strong, but the sounds feel watered-down, and Yeng’s voice feels strained as a result. It’s not bound to be a perfect record, but at least Synesthesia gives a bit of justice to the title: it’s a nicely-textured, somewhat colorful album that further proves Yeng isn’t resting on her laurels